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Scheduling appointments without having to communicate back and forth made it possible. You can book an appointment within less than a minute with Book My Parchi.

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Book My Parchi will help you make the most of your time. Our App automates your Appointment Booking process.

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Instead Of A List Of Time Slots, Provide Your Patients With A Calendar.

Scheduling should be straightforward not only for you but also for your clients. Allow clients to have their calendars overlayed so they don't have to switch apps and can quickly locate mutual availability.

Fantastic User Experience

Our focus is on you, which is why we attempt to provide a pleasant user experience. Book My Parchi is extremely simple to use, whether you need to expedite the management of appointment bookings. Our simple dashboard will guide you through the process of creating your booking page.

Privacy Is Ensured

Your privacy is important to us. We store data for as long as possible. We deactivate our access to your related integration once you opt to delete it, as well as when you delete your account, in order to increase your protection.


There's no need to be concerned if your appointment time or location changes. You can edit and change Appointments and Meetings at any time with Book My Parchi, and we will automatically send alerts to the hospital where your appointment is booked.

Don't spend time scheduling appointments!

With Book My Parchi, you save time and effort by allowing patients to schedule appointments with you without requiring you to answer e-mails, calls, or text messages.

Keep track of your schedule and remember when your appointments are, as well as schedule appointments with the hospital!!

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